FastTrack is a free (as freedom) desktop tracking software that is easy to install, use, and performant. You can download the software for Linux, macOS, and Windows, and a public API is available to embed the software's core in any C++/Qt project.




UI, Computer Vision


October 1, 2017


Tracking objects in video recording is a common but difficult task for many scientists. Free and open-source tracking software are notoriously tricky to install and requires extensive knowledge. Their closed-source counterparts are expensive and restricted.


To solve this problem, I created FastTrack, a cross-platform tracking software with an intuitive but complete user interface that is not a chore to install.


I designed FastTrack independently, from low-level algorithms to complete CI/CD producing end-users installers. It is built in C++ using Qt for the user interface, OpenCV for image processing, SQLite to store the tracking data, and Google Test for unit testing. A complete CI/CD provides the end-user with an installer for Windows, a dmg for MacOs, and an AppImage for Linux, allowing easy installation and integration on any system. The developer manual is generated using Doxygen, and the user manual using Docusaurus.