FastTrack is a user-friendly and performant desktop tracking software available for free (as in freedom). It offers easy installation and seamless usability on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. Additionally, developers can integrate the software’s core into their C++/Qt projects using the provided public API.


Tracking objects in video recordings is a common but challenging task for many scientists. Free and open-source tracking software are notoriously difficult to install and often demands extensive technical knowledge. On the other hand, closed-source counterparts can be expensive and come with usage restrictions.


To address this issue, I developed FastTrack, a cross-platform tracking software featuring an intuitive yet comprehensive user interface that makes installation hassle-free. I independently designed FastTrack, covering everything from low-level algorithms to complete CI/CD processes, resulting in user-friendly installers for end-users. The software is developed in C++ using Qt for the user interface, OpenCV for image processing, SQLite for tracking data storage, and Google Test for unit testing. With a comprehensive CI/CD setup, FastTrack provides installers for Windows, dmg files for MacOs, and AppImage packages for Linux, ensuring seamless installation and integration on any system.

The developer manual is generated using Doxygen, and the user manual is created using Docusaurus. FastTrack is widely adopted in top laboratories worldwide and has been cited in more than 30 scientific literature references.